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How To Get High-Quality Backlinks For Website 2019- SEO Company Kolkata

A backlink is a topic which causes confusion among SEO professionals. Many think that a few but high-quality backlinks is the way of ranking a website other says as many backlinks you may get, your website will up. To the extent, backlinks are considered, quality issues more than quantity. It can say that 10 Pr4 backlinks are equivalent to 1000 Pr1 backlinks. OV International, an expert SEO company in Kolkata explain in the article about the resource of “how to get high-quality backlinks for website 2019”  Here we will discuss effective methods of gaining high-quality backlinks for any website. There are 5 notable methods to achieve quality backlinks for your website- 1. Create Infographics: A superb Infographic is as yet the best method to gain a backlink. This strategy works for not all that well-known speciality. What you truly require is a top notch and informative Infographic. So include a designer to your project and ask him/her to create some good infographic

6 Smart Tricks: How to Get 4000 Hours Watch Time and 1000 Subscribers Very Fast

Hey! Do you have a youtube channel? And are you getting difficulty to rank it? As per the latest 2018 youtube monetization policy, any new youtube video must require “4000 hours watch time within 12 months and 1000 subscribers. Here we will make you understand what the tricks are and how you enable your video for monetization. Give a look- The reason for changing the YouTube monetization policy: In the past few years ago it was very easy to enable monetization of any youtube videos. Many people used to come with poor quality and unethical videos and ware getting many thousand views. It was going good but then advertisers of youtube raised a point that such low quality and the unprincipled channel is not the deserving platform to show advertisement. As an effect of that, a major portion of advertiser moved from youtube ads and youtube got a massive loss. So in view of this, youtube changed their monetization policy (Youtube Partner Program). As of effect, many channels w

Why to add Nofollow to a Link for SEO | SEO Company Kolkata 

Nofollow and Dofollow are the two most basic talked words in the field of SEO. Any blogger or web developer who comprehends the significance of SEO should know the nuts and bolts about “Nofollow” and why to add nofollow to a link for SEO. We the OV International Services, a affordable SEO company Kolkata will tell you why to add nofollow (rel= nofollow) to a link for SEO. One of the greatest misinterpretations that we want to wipe off from your mind that several dofollow links are awful. In actuality, dofollow links are very useful. It helps in enhancing your website’s trust score as long as you are connecting to high domain authority websites. Why to add “nofollow” to a link for SEO? One of the essential guidelines of SEO is giving more significance to vital posts by keeping it Dofollow and keeping different links as nofollow. Presently, the most fundamental inquiry is what is Dofollow. Dofollow links are joins which we need Google bot to follow from our page, and

The Importance of the Logo- Web Design Compnay in Kolkata

A logo is the face of your business and it is the means by which you are perceived. It mirrors your identity, or in the event of your business, your qualities and standards. It is likewise the most intense showcasing theme known. Before creating a logo and asking to do this any web design company in Kolkata , you need to understand how the logo will represent your business identity. Here are the 5 factors you need to know before creating a logo. Logo gives you identity: It is difficult to build up yourself in the advertising scene without a logo. In layman's terms, a logo resembles a psychological alternate way to an item or organization. Exactly how frequently do you recognize a car from its shape, instead of the ever display the logo on the body of the car? The intensity of the logo lies in its visual nature. Studies have confirmed that visitors perceive and identify with pictures quicker then content. We feel it very much by heart at the multimedia age. A logo